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The ACSA Program is a professional qualification for aspiring business professionals - providing candidates with skills, knowledge and values with capabilities in the areas quantitative and qualitative research, interpret, and draw the overall performance of a corporation with various performance metrics, and formulate and implement ethical sustainable business strategies for the audited corporation to gain competitive advantage in terms of economic, environment and social sustainability.

Course of Study


The course of study for the ACSA program consists 

of 3 parts and increases in complexity as your


ACSA Part 1

101 - Accounting for Managers 

102 - Introduction to Management 

103 - Business Statistics

104 - Introduction to Business Law

105 - Introduction to Economics 

106 - Information Systems in Organisations 

107 - Introduction to Marketing 

108 - Organizational Behaviour 



ACSA Part 2

201 - Entrepreneurship  

202 - Supply Chain Management 

203 - Brand Management

204 - International Business 

205 - Financial Management 

206 - Human Resource Management 

207 - Marketing Management 

208 - International Management 

ACSA Part 3

301 - Culture and Ethics in Business 

302 - BlockChain Technology for Business 

303 - Sustainable Strategic Management 

304 - Corporate Strategic Audit Research Project

ACSA Examination

  • ​ACSA Program examinations are offered in June and December, at testing facilities around the world. When you register for an examination, you will request an exam location, typically a major city (e.g. Beijing, China; or London U.K.; or Sydney, Australia; or New York, USA).

  • ACSA secures qualified test center venues to accommodate the number of candidates in each location.

  • We will assign candidates to specific test centers based on your location request and availability; we do not reference your home address when assigning you to a test center. If you change your home address, your test center request or assignment is not automatically updated; you must submit a test center change request.

  • We indicate your test center assignment on your exam admission ticket (available approximately four weeks prior to the examination date).

  • Special instructions and other details may be available for your test center; check the ACSA Exam Test Centers when are available.

  • Completion of the ACSA Program, you will become the Associate Member of the ACSA. Registration for the Associate Member costs S$50, with a further S$150 annual subscription fee. In addition, with minimum 3 years practical corporate strategic auditing experience/practice after completion of the ACSA program, you can apply to be certified as Certified  Strategic Auditor with the designation CSA.

How Long Does It Takes?

  • For Part 1 and Part 2, plan on at least 12 months of preparation for each Part. Another 6 months for Part 3.

  • Successfully candidate that has completed Part 1 to 3 with 72 credits.

  • Successful candidates take an average of 2.5 to 3 years to complete the program without advanced standing.

  • Candidates with tertiary business degrees from recognised universities may be given advanced standing from Part 1 to 2.

Advanced Standing?

  • As a ACSA program candidate you can apply for advanced standing based on your tertiary education from recognised university in the Commonwealth universities. (See the list of advanced standing)

  • ACSA candidates from other universities in the United States, European Union and others will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

  • There will not be any advanced standing for the Corporate Strategic Audit Research Project regardless of your academic and or professional qualifications. 

  • All advanced standing needs to apply formally to ACSA and there will be an admin fee of S$150 per application.    




   For further information:


The Association of Certified Strategic Auditors (ACSA) is an independent global professional and certification body that conducts assessment for ACSA Program, and Personnel Certification in corporate strategic auditing for micro-credentials. Candidates can undertake the ACSA Program via ACSA approved higher educational institutions (universities), or ACSA approved educational providers. ACSA only conducts corporate strategic auditing seminars.

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