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The Association of Certified Strategic Auditors (ACSA) (a registered member of the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, ACCSB) is an independent global professional and certification body that conducts assessment for ACSA Program, and Personnel Certification in corporate strategic auditing competency for micro-credentials. It is also a platform for professionals and practitioners to subscribe and connect among themselves from different industries that involve corporate strategic auditing activities through its memberships.
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Many of the traditional audits are functional and do not provide corporations with realistic strategic directions with regards to its current and future corporate strategies, and how to increase its organisational performance with ethical sustainable business strategies after the audits' exercises. In addition, it also fails to assist corporations in achieving the highest levels of business integrity through the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud and misconduct.


It is imperative that a corporation must has the competences to carry out business strategy forensic through corporate strategic auditing to assess its current and future corporate strategy, how suitable it is for a corporation, and whether the corporation is in position to execute the approximate current and future corporate strategy, business strategy functional strategy and or operational strategy base on the opportunities and threats, and its existing strategic capabilities in term of resources and competences.

Corporate strategic auditing is an evidence-based practice approach of research, debate, analysis and opinion on trusted evidence of corporate strategic intelligence to develop ethical sustainable business strategy that integrates  economic, social and environmental objectives of society, in order to maximize human well-being in the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 


Corporations Integrating corporate strategic auditing process will enhance the security strategy and reduce the impact of security incidents and provides management with the means to demonstrate that reasonable cares have been taken to protect information resources, and creates corporate accountability to shareholders and other stakeholders such as employees and community members. In addition,  to identify questionable business practices, communicate fraud findings, and maintain high standards of business ethics in the organization. More importantly, board members can fulfill strategic oversight duties better if they implement a formal annual review Corporate Strategic Audit process.




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