Certification Program


  • Helps you maintain your competitive advantage through exclusive networking and ongoing professional development with the Association of Certified Strategic Auditors (ACSA).

  • Advances your knowledge with continuing, relevant, and valuable professional development and networking.

  • Promotes the profession of corporate strategic auditing by recognising only qualified practitioners. The Certified Strategic Auditors (CSA) shows that you are a professional corporate strategic auditor – recognised by your peers for your experience and qualifications.

  • Defines excellence in the corporate strategic auditing capabilities in developing ethical sustainable business strategy through business strategy forensic to identify, resolve, and prevent fraudulent corporate activity in terms of business strategy to adapt to country, commercial, currency, cultural and climate change risks to increase organizational performance. In addition,  to identify questionable business practices, communicate fraud findings, and maintain high standards of business ethics in the organization.


Certification Process

The ACSA has developed requirements for eligibility to ensure that the application process is fair and impartial for all candidates. The eligibility requirements have been established to recognize individuals who have demonstrated the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to provide competent corporate strategic auditing. Applicant professionals must demonstrate proficiency in the Applicant’s chosen discipline(s) by the required examination(s), as specified and administered by ACSA.


The ACSA is committed to providing a fair and objective personnel certification for corporate strategic auditing competency in accordance to ISO/IEC 17204. All individuals who seek personnel certification for corporate strategic auditing competency must meet the established eligibility requirements at the first instance, and pass all the required competencies for corporate strategic auditing assessment at the later.

Certification Eligibility

To be eligible, a candidate must meets the following the requirements:

  • Successfully completed all the required parts for the ACSA program, or a recognized business related degree from a recognized tertiary institution.

  • Minimum of 3 years relevant working experience after successfully completed the ACSA program or tertiary education.

Granting Certification

  • Only candidate who meet all eligibility requirements and  passes all the required competencies for corporate strategic auditing will then be granted CSA Certification.

  • Candidates must comply with all Re-certification  requirements for every 3 years to maintain CSA Certification 

CSA Certification Fee


  1.  Application Fee: S$200 (if the CSA certification is rejected by ACSA, the application fee will be refunded)

  2. Assessment Fee: $500

  3. Memberships of ACSAS$50 (Registration Fee)  and S$ 150.00 (Annual Membership Fee)






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